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Sea & Sky

Especially on the Islands, but also on the Mainland coast, the sea and the ever changing skys provide endless inspiration and challenges for the photographer.

 The Uists from Neist Point (19KB)


North and South Uists, part of the Western Isles, seen from Neist Point in the far west of the Isle of Skye.

 The sea at Balachladich Bay (32KB)


Surging water against ancient rocks in Balchladich Bay, Sutherland.

 Macleaods Tables (23KB)


Macleods Tables on the Isle of Skye seen across Loch Bracadale from Ullinish.

[Eigg and Muck (13KB)]


Sun's rays catching the islands of Eigg and Muck, seen from Camas Malag on the Isle of Skye.

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