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The Red Hills of Skye

The Isle of Skye is famous for its rugged Cuillin Hills but to the connoisseur the Red Hills are no less worthy of attention. Situated on the other side of Glen Sligachan, the Red Hills (also known as the Red Cuillins) offer a slightly gentler foil to the brooding Black Cuillin.

 The Red Cuillin, Isle of Skye (21KB)


This wide angle shot encompasses the full range of the Red Hills, from Glamaig on the left to Marsco on the right with the sun behind the Beinn Deargs in the centre.

N.B. This image is no longer available as a hand printed image. It is however availalable as an archival quality inkjet print.

 Glamaig (19KB)


Glamaig in snow conditions, with the threat of more to come.

 Marsco from the Sligachan River (25KB)


Marsco, seen here from the Sligachan River, often goes almost unnoticed by first time visitors distracted by the drama of the Cuillin scenery, but sat on the edge of Glen Sligachan its solid unusual profile soon draws the artist's eye.

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